A wet, black cat being bundled up in a black after receiving pet grooming services in Coloma

Pet Grooming Spa Day Services

Wil-O-Paw Animal Hospital offers Full Grooming Services for Dogs and Cats!

Our professionally trained grooming staff is dedicated to providing show-quality grooms for every pet while addressing their unique needs. Let us keep your pet clean, healthy, and stylish with our dog and cat grooming services!

We highly recommend regular, professional grooming for all breeds of dogs and, yes, cats too! Why? Because a clean and healthy pet is a happy pet, and your pet deserves the best! If you and your pet struggle with bath time, sharp nails, matted fur, dandruff, dry skin, shedding hair, allergies, or hairballs, then our pet grooming services can help you! ​

We Specialize In Cat Grooming Services

While it is common practice to send one’s dog to the groomer, cats are often overlooked. Do cats even need to be professionally groomed? The idea that cats groom themselves is a common misconception! No amount of licking will remove the oils and shedding hair that cause painful matting in long-hairs and short-hairs alike. Regular bathing also removes dander, an allergen found in cat saliva. Not to mention, what owner enjoys sharing a pillow with a hairy kitty with litter stuck to its paws? Cat grooming is an important way to maintain your cat’s health and keep their coat clean. Let us make your feline friend clean, happy, and ready to cuddle!

Schedule Dog & Cat Grooming in Coloma, MI

For more information on our pet grooming services, or to schedule your pet’s appointment, call us at 269-468-7297.