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Wil-O-Paw Animal Hospital is a Full-Service Veterinary Facility, located in Coloma, MI.  Dr. Alan Stockdale and Dr. Christy Stockdale, Dr. Sara Prygoski, Dr. Alicia Kendall, and Dr. Christine Hadley understand and share your passion for animals, and it is their goal to provide the highest standards of veterinary care to every pet they care for.

We are here to service the cities of Coloma, MI, Benton Harbor, MI, Watervliet, MI, Hartford, MI, St Joseph, MI, Eau Claire, MI, Dowagiac, MI, Covert, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, South Haven, MI and more!

Our entire staff of doctors, technicians, groomers, receptionists, kennel helpers and managers are dedicated to keeping your pet healthy, and they appreciate the confidence you place in them. Wil-O-Paw Animal Hospital offers comprehensive veterinary care for the total well-being of your pet including a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic, preventative, emergency and surgical services.

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★★★★★ Friendly staff, show concern and take care of my pet!Get us in quick as possible.Richard R.Richard R. ★★★★★ I highly recommend Wil-O-Paw. The entire staff is helpful and they are very friendly. They’ve had to fit me in for an emergency with one of my pups and I will forever be grateful to them for this. He was super sick and they helped me get him back to himself! They have helped me with all of my animals with the upmost compassion. They all work as a team and are very kind to you and your pets needs. Prices are more than fair- it’s a demanding job and while animals can be expensive, their prices are good!Dr. Kendall is simply amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better person to help me with my animals, the entire staff is TOP NOTCH!! I appreciate you all so very much! I won’t go anywhere else!kristie J.kristie J. ★★★★★ My lab pup ate a rock and was in trouble. The clinic diagnosed the problem and surgery was the only solution. The staff was caring and professional through the entire event right down to a follow-up call to see how she was doing. Dr. Hadley saved my pup's life! Thank you!Larry Y.Larry Y. ★★★★★ Wil-o-paw you all are compassionate caring individuals for the first time ever,My blue pitbull Jazzy did not have any issues with growling or fear and did not have to be aggressive what so ever!No muzzle for the first time since we have had her !We were going to Bangor veterinary clinic and it was absolutely horrible surroundings no comfort at allThank youWill-o- paw for our first visit to never have to wear a muzzle again for she was not stressed out ❤️☮️ 🎉🎊🫶Joni F.Joni F. ★★★★★ Over the past year we lost several of our pet family to various illnesses and circumstances. The doctors and staff were compassionate and understanding. We are especially and eternally grateful to Dr Kendall for her empathy and support in our grief.Robert M.Robert M. ★★★★★ Great place to take a pet for a vet visit. Staff is accommodative, knowledgeable, kind and polite. Great experience in a dire circumstances.Natasha S.Natasha S. ★★★★★ Great place for pets.Miranda and Marissa the T.Miranda and Marissa the T. ★★★★★ Set up apptpeggy B.peggy B. ★★★★★ From the front to the back and all around, this place is amazing. I always feel very clear on what is going on with my pets and what may need to be done to keep them healthy. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this place to others. Thank you for all you do!Jamie B.Jamie B. ★★★★★ They have been so loving to me and my cat snowball they took us into care my cat made my husband they went beyond caring for I think the doctor in the staff very much for everything they did for us. They are so caring we thank you from the bottom of our hearts Robert and Theresa Brown and snowball.Theresa B.Theresa B. ★★★★★ Wonderful staff that are compationate about the clients and patience.Stacy A.Stacy A. ★★★★★ Love their vet teck, Karen! She is just a sweetheart!Yolanda D.Yolanda D. ★★★★★ Professional, knowledgeable, patient, friendly staff. I feel well cared for during my appointment.Julie B.Julie B. ★★★★★ Will O Paw has always gone above and beyond for my pets and myself. Whether it was to fit me in during a pet emergency or coming to check on my pet in critical condition at 10 pm and giving me a call to let me know how they are doing. The list goes on. Thank you Will O Paw!!Darian B.Darian B. ★★★★★ A friendly staff to say the least! We are so happy with the advice and care we have received for our Dog, cat and future puppy- they have been so helpful with tips and quotes not only on services needed for our 12 yr old lab but for our future addition!Heather L.Heather L. ★★★★★ All the workers are so friendly and courteous and kind. They take their time to listen. They will explain it in a way that you will understand whatever the circumstances are. My Pet's love going there and so do I. They do nice work.Susan Y.Susan Y. ★★★★★ The staff were knowledgeable and friendly. They treated all my babies with kindness and compassion. Highly recommend.Gigi S.Gigi S. ★★★★★ Very accommodating. Staying open late for us to get Insulin for our dog that we forgot back in Chicago. One of the friendliest places I have been.Bill V.Bill V. ★★★★★ Amazing with our pups! They love them as much as we do! They are always welcoming, respectful and beyond helpful! They make ya feel right at home and are always ready to answer any questions and concerns!!kimberley T.kimberley T. ★★★★★ I really appreciate the Staff at Wil-o-Paw so much, they are very respectful and provide the best care for my dogs. I am so happy a friend recommended them to me.Lance S.Lance S. ★★★★★ Wil-o-paw is great with ur pet I've been taking my pet's to them for over 11 yrs.Sandra C.Sandra C. ★★★★★ I am very pleased with the care we received. The staff was competent, compassionate and spent time with us. We were visiting from our of town and they fit us into the schedule even though my dog doesn't get regular care there, and that was very appreciated.Danielle M.Danielle M. ★★★★★ Great people. Take time with you and your pets and answer any and all questions. Little pricey but think they are worth it.steve E.steve E. ★★★★★ Yesterday we unfortunately had to put down our 13 year old Aussie buster. This was hard on us but the vets here at will o paw were so kind to us. Karen you have the kindest heart thank you so muchkatelyn K.katelyn K. ★★★★★ The staff is ALWAYS warm and welcoming. The doctors take their time and are willing to answer all of my questions.Jen AJen A ★★★★★ Faye is my very active, nearly-five English Shepherd who likes to run with me. I trained her to run to my left and at my side. Normally, I have to leg-it to keep up with her. Last week, I noticed that she was lagging behind me so I figured it wasn't her day to run (I never take her more than 3 miles) so I took her home. Later in the day, I noticed that she was taking longer than usual to stand up after lying down and she hesitated when going up and down the back steps. A few days later, she opted to sleep overnight on her downstairs bed rather than sleep on the one she has upstairs. At first I thought she might have strained herself. Then she showed improvement and had no problem chasing a ball. Still, something didn't seem right.I stopped into Wil-O-Paw to pick up heart worm preventative (we've been multi-pet clients since 2004) and asked if I could make an appointment to have Faye examined. Dr. Kendall saw her on Thursday. Faye has seen her in the past, but just for check-ups. Dr. Kendall gave her back legs a thorough examination and then watched her walk. I mentioned that my wife and I thought she was favoring her right rear leg. "I agree".Dr. Kendall suspected hip dysplasia and x-rays confirmed it. Afterward, she took her time and explained everything to me and pointed out how the ball of Faye's right femur (which should be round to fit in the socket), had an almost squared edge. The left side is also misshaped, but not as bad. Unfortunately, this is common to her breed.Back in the exam room, Dr. Kendall went over a proactive treatment plan that included pain meds and joint supplements. She also talked about surgical intervention (should it eventually come to that) and the two options. With regards to running, Dr. Kendall said to continue to do so, but assess Faye's condition every half mile. When I mentioned that Faye loves to swim in Lake Michigan, she said that that's the best non-impact, non-weight bearing exercise she can get (we tried to go in earlier this week, but the water was still too cold for both of us - she won't go in without me).At one point, Dr. Kendall asked me what Faye was eating. I hesitated to answer at first. A few months ago, I watched a documentary film entitled, PET FOOLED that exposed the self-regulated (un-regulated) pet food industry and how we've been told that overpriced, carb-rich dry dog food is the best thing for them. The film also introduced me to Dr. Karen Becker, a vet who is a champion for real food diets and feels that we should feed our dogs the best real diet that we can afford.After an exhaustive web search (food subscriptions were not an option), I found a nutrition supplement made by JustFoodForDogs along with detailed recipes for each variety (Chicken, Beef, Fish...). I was sold and have been feeding Faye the chicken recipe for the last month or so (chicken thighs, livers, gizzards, spinach, carrots, rice, apple, fish oil and a measured amount of supplement). It's definitely a labor of love (it takes roughly 3 hours every two weeks), but Faye absolutely loves it.(Back on track)In the documentary, people mentioned that when they told their vets that they were making dog food (or feeding a raw diet), they were scolded and made to feel reckless and irresponsible, so I was all ready for the shaming.IT NEVER HAPPENED!Dr. Kendall took one look at the package I brought in and said, "That's amazing. In fact, it was created by a vet and I got the chance to meet her. Keep doing what you're doing!"That said, I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Kendall. We used to see Dr. Case who supported a holistic approach to animal care. I feel very fortunate that Faye is now under the care of Dr. Kendall. She's thorough, kind, patient, empathetic and includes you in the care decisions.THANK YOU.Thomas A.Thomas A. ★★★★★ We came from out of state. Our dog got sick and they gave her and us the most kind and compassionate care. We needed them not once, but twice while we were here and they made themselves available immediately both times. They were absolutely amazing!Sara K.Sara K. ★★★★★ Wil-O-Paw is an excellent care provider. When we moved to the area, many vets said they weren't taking new clients, but Wil-O-Paw welcomed us. For the last three years, they’ve provided all of our pets with the most thorough and compassionate care. Highly recommend!Sara C.Sara C. ★★★★★ I was anxious about finding a new veterinarian for my two dogs since we moved to the area. Wil-O-Paw has been absolutely amazing and feels almost exactly like our former provider. Very friendly, welcoming knowledgeable, and fair. I'd highly recommend them to anyone in the area.Mark L.Mark L. ★★★★★ Clean, nice people and the vet was very thorough.connie A.connie A. ★★★★★ A dedicated caring team. Always friendly and so easy to get an appointment when you need it. The groomers are an added bonus!Ronald W K.Ronald W K. ★★★★★ Great place and people that care about your animals.Roger C.Roger C. ★★★★★ Great place to take your pet. A little pricy but well worth it. All the drs. And nurses are vary professional and politeRicky L.Ricky L. ★★★★★ We absolutely love love love these wonderful angels at wil o paw they have taken care of all of our fur babies for the last 25yrs and we highly recommend them to everyone!!!!!Deborah H.Deborah H. ★★★★★ All of the employees are very helpful and the vets are great. It has been a wonderful experience brining my new dog in to be fully checked out.Jennifer H.Jennifer H. ★★★★★ Wil-O-Paw is the best! I got my cat from there a year ago and have been going there ever since. The staff is amazing and really take their time to make sure my cat is healthy!Sophia P.Sophia P. ★★★★★ They had smiles on their faces which instantly put us at ease. Staff was knowledgeable and our GD Finch was well taken care of.VERONICA B.VERONICA B. ★★★★★ When I took my big baby Hondo in for his check up an shots, they were so nice to him, and not scared at all of his breed. I love coming here, and it is clean, and feels safe.Megan F.Megan F. ★★★★★ We have a inside outside cat that was sick. We could not get him into our regular vet of 20 years for 6 weeks. Called several other vets in ares. No help. Called Wil o paw, got him right in. Dr Hadley did a great job. I'll be going to Wil o paw from now on.Shultse1047Shultse1047 ★★★★★ I cannot say enough good things about Wil O Paw - they are the best vet I've ever used! They are compassionate, knowledgeable, and affordable. I've taken my cats in for a wide variety of needs (end of life care, annual wellness, emergency surgery) and they always work with me to determine the best route of action. I know I can trust Wil O Paw with the wellbeing of my fur babies.Amanda L.Amanda L. ★★★★★ The best vet and groomer this side of Michigan. Local favorite.Eric A.Eric A. ★★★★★ I have been going to Wil-O-Paw for 25 years. They care about my girls as if they are their own. They went above and beyond when one of my girls was heartworm positive. If you want your fur babies treated like family take them to Wil-O-Paw.Juanita B.Juanita B. ★★★★★ Very professional with the care. Lab results were reported the next day. Friendly staff.BarbBarb ★★★★★ Very friendly, efficient service. Dr. Kendall took the time to explain alternative meds.Linda R.Linda R. ★★★★★ Super friendly staff. I take my cats here for grooming and veterinary visits. I love this vet! She is kind, knowledgeable, and doesn't pressure you into buying things you don't need.The groomer is also wonderful with my Himalayan. She needs her fur shaved for medical/health reasons and The groomer is amazing with her.Karen S.Karen S. ★★★★★ My appointments are on time; DVM and staff are caring and communicate my pets health, needs, and issues; I feel confident in their knowledge and recommendations.Denise BDenise B ★★★★★ I cannot say enough good things about this vet. My anxiety about taking my dog to the vet has disappeared and I know it helps my dog too. They are so thorough, and explain everything in detail. The vet gave me options for care that is best for my dog. They kept her calm and waited until she trusted them and was ready to be examined. I'm really happy I switched to wilopaw.Elizabeth D.Elizabeth D. ★★★★★ Very nice people.Linda J.Linda J. ★★★★★ Very rough day today. Found out my furbaby has bone cancer. Wil o paw got me in super fast, and were so delicate with my baby. The compassion they showed me today was a true sign that there is some hope left for humanity. I've never had a vet that I felt cared so deeply for me and my animal even on the first visit. The techs and doctor and people here are some of the best people I've ever met in my life. They were gentle with breaking the news to me in a way that I would understand and the level of comfort they showed me while giving me options let me know I made the right choice of where to bring my poppy baby. I can never thank them enough for what they've done for me today. But I appreciate them more than words can express. 🥰🥺😭Metz T.Metz T. ★★★★★ Love the staff and support Wil-O-Paw provides. They make you and your pet feel as if your family. We have always been very well taken care of. I recommend Wil-O-Paw to all my family and friends.Jordan A B.Jordan A B. ★★★★★ I was so impressed with my recent experience with wil o paw vet! My dog had been experiencing health issues and they got me in right away when everywhere else I called didn’t have availability for weeks. They really went above and beyond and covered all their bases. All the staff I interacted with were so kind and helpful. They gained a customer for life with me today!Autumn Rose W.Autumn Rose W. ★★★★★ They have taken care of all our many pets for the last 24 years and always been friendly and loving toward the pets.CarolCarol ★★★★★ Even the people at the desk are AMAZING. I just got off the phone with Karen just to reschedule and they literally made my whole day! Great service!Chelsea W.Chelsea W. ★★★★★ I had never been there but had an old cat that was at the end of his life. The staff was so nice and supportive. Did an exam and confirmed that he was in too much pain and was only suffering. They made us comfortable, let me take my time saying goodbye.Very compassionate.Kristy M.Kristy M. ★★★★★ Every staff member at this practice always makes both me and my german shepherd feel taken care of and at peace while we’re there handling difficult medical issues. They are pretty affordable and always give plenty of options in continued care methods.LillyLilly ★★★★★ Everyone is so kind to my cats. Even though the cats hate going to the vet, the people there make the cats feel calm.mark M.mark M. ★★★★★ We love Dr. Kendall and how well she cares for our dogs!Katie JKatie J ★★★★★ When my vet couldn't get my cat in to see what was wrong I called Wilopaw. My experience exceeded my expectations. From the phone call to the receptionist that answered being so kind to the vet tech, Karen who talked to me with compassion like I've known her for years. They kept me informed and even went over pricing which I've never had at a vets office before. It's usually a big suprise of what you will pay. To the doctor to see my cat. I'm very pleased and highly recommend.Jessica W.Jessica W. ★★★★★ Dr. Christy was so compassionate when we had to have our dog, Rascal put to sleep. She explained everything that she was going to do. She made a difficult situation easier. She prayed for comfort for our family. Thank you Dr. Christy!Tonya T.Tonya T. ★★★★★ Excellent service,took the time to address all my concerns.. answered all my goofy questions and have really affordable prices....Corey C.Corey C. ★★★★★ They were very professional, treated our cat as if she was there own. The doctor, personally, called our home to provide test results and to check on her status.Richard M.Richard M. ★★★★★ We love love love Wil o Paw!! Our Gemma loves everyone there and has always gotten excellent care by all staff members! She loves going to see them!! 🙂Lynne L.Lynne L. ★★★★★ They always treat Cricket as if they would their own dog. Extremely sensitive to my dog and a very friendly face and personality for everyone I have encountered. Couldn't ask for better people. Wonderful atmosphere.Patricia J.Patricia J. ★★★★★ Absolutely love this place!! They love animals and will do everything they can to help your pet. The best!!!~Xavier O.Xavier O. ★★★★★ I have used this veterinary clinic for almost 30 years and my many animals over the years have always received superb care from the staff at this location.IrishKirbyIrishKirby ★★★★★ Wow! New patients appts four weeks out but they called me back saying , ‘Regardless, we always try and get in a sick or injured pet.’Stephanie M.Stephanie M. ★★★★★ Will-O-Paw is worth the drive to me from Kalamazoo. Dr. Kendall is knowledgeable, kind, easy to communicate with and goes out of her way to provide great care to our goldens. Office staff is kind on the phone. Karen and other vet techs, who assisted Dr. Kendall, were so helpful, kind and had a great sense of humor. I trust Dr. Kendall as her staff with my fur babies.Becky C.Becky C. ★★★★★ My dog gets excited to see his girls at the vet, and they do an amazing job, even with my hyper pup!Kate E.Kate E. ★★★★★ The Stockdale’s and company have helped us with all our pets. They have been outstanding, nursing our old hound dog Leo back to health, and now Karen and the team have kindly and gently helped us take the final step with him. Nice people, and great service. Recommend them highly. We drive miles and miles past several vets on our way to Wil-o-Paw, and we will keep coming back. Thanks and blessings to you, folks.Assembly S.Assembly S. ★★★★★ The staff there is so kind. I took my cinnamon in today to get her ears checked and I think I was more afraid than my poor cinnamon was. Cinnamon definitely did not like being in her carrier and it hurt my heart to see her so afraid. But the staff there help calm me down LOL and did a marvelous job on cinnamon, they are all very very caring there and I can't say enough good about them.theresa I.theresa I. ★★★★★ We have been coming to Willow Paw for several years we spend our summers here from Arizona and have had excellent experiences there. We lost our little yorkie and the Dr & staff were so compassionate and caring. Would totally recommend them .OliveOlive ★★★★★ Very caring staff.Shannon S.Shannon S. ★★★★☆ They were the only vet that would help us put our hurting cat to sleep. We must have called every vet in the phone book. It shouldn't be that hard to get your animal help.Tina E.Tina E. ★★★★☆ It appeared to be a nice facility. However the price I was quoted on the phone went up over $50 after we got there for the procedure. Wasn't very happy about that. Let people know before they schedule an appointment what the end cost is.Cynthia Smith D.Cynthia Smith D. ★★★★☆ They always take care of you and your furbaby. They always go the extra step/mile. Thank you Wil-O-Paw!Chrystal D.Chrystal D.js_loader

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We understand that a pet is part of the family. Our goal is to provide each one with a long, healthy, and happy life. The moment your pet enters our hospital, it becomes part of our family too.

From new puppies and kittens to graying seniors, we are there every step of the way. Our comprehensive suite of veterinary services ensures that every aspect of their wellbeing is given the excellent care they deserve, and we will do everything we can for them.

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Professional knowledge and understanding with quality treatment options. The prices are decent as well. Everyone knew exactly what they were doing from the time we entered until the time of our departure. Thank you for your caring pet and family ways.


Wil-O-Paw Animal Hospital cares about your animals, the technicians and veterinarians are amazing and do everything they can to meet you and your pet’s needs. When you bring your fur baby to Wil-O-Paw, you know you’re going to be taken care of.


It’s apparent that the staff is dedicated to providing excellent care!


Always have been very pleased with their caring and knowledgeable team!!! Only trust my pet with the BEST!!


The staff is so nice and thoughtful. Nmoosh is always ready to get her grooming by Theresa. I have recommend them to several friends.


Great care at a reasonable cost. We are seniors on a fixed income, so cost is a factor for us. We love our dog, and the comfort and provides us.