Black Fly Bites!!

What are the red bites on my dog’s belly? The Black Flies are out!! You know its spring in Coloma when clients start calling us about the red marks on their dog’s belly. Black flies hatched in this area last week and will be here for several weeks, and will again return in the fall….

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Happy Easter! No Eggs or Lilies’s for You!

When I started thinking about this week’s post, I looked at the calendar to see what is happening this week. I did see that April 15th is coming up, but filing taxes really doesn’t effect our pets. (But wouldn’t it be great if we could declare them as dependents on our taxes??!!??)   Then I saw…

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Have you ever wondered: “Do Dogs See Colors?”, “Is It Good For My Cat to Drink Milk?” or “Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside her Litter Box?”?? We are hoping by providing this blog for our clients and friends we can help answer and inform you on some of the things you have always wondered…

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